Lord, Forgive Us

Black and white keys side by side
So close they touch, but not competing
In a melody mixed with discordant cries
Indistinguishable from one another
One song, one instrument
Like the wailing in Ezra 3:12
The sound of celebration
Over cries of desperation
So intertwined they can't be deciphered
from one another
How long will your song overshadow
our cry?

Take A Break

I'd rather rehabilitate
than take the risk
that you don't have the capacity
to do that which is necessary
to love me the way I need to be

And while that means
that only one side bears the weight for now
I'll do my best to heal
Allow myself to feel
In order to yield
the growth I need to see within

while i wait.

Don't worry about me
I always land on two feet

Even when one of them is broken.

If Not Now, When?

Jesus saw the cause of the woman at the well. He didn't separate her need for the Gospel from the past events of her life or the history of her people.He saw the cause of the crowds of 15,000. He saw that they were hungry and fed them. He didn't pray for them and tell them to be full (Jas 2). And through His actions, they fell in love with Him and they followed Him. They joined Him.Transformation, Love, Truth and Justice is a person named Jesus. "The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many" (Matthew 20:28). Then, He called us His friends and invited us to partner with Him. To be His hands and feet.

What If She Was Me?

But women of color live every day acknowledging the pain with crystal-clear vision, keen olfaction, the most sensitive instincts wondering. And we wonder: "What if she was me?" Like an algebraic equation. If my life is x and supposedly means something to you, but you see nothing wrong with the society your ancestors wove together that brought her to her death + by definition, this wicked nation views our lives as interchangeable, and I could be substituted into her position at any moment...the solution is either my life means 0 to you or the math doesn't add up.

Better Than Sex-less: The Wait on This Side of Singleness

Marriage requires communication. TD Jakes said, "A wedding is instant, but it takes 30 years to have a marriage. By the time you have a marriage and truly read and understand your partner well, the kids are grown up and out of the house and you are alone with your spouse again." Marriage takes time …

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